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For custom design orders i work by characters. So the quote for the final design depends on how many characters you chose for your picture. The designs are done on hd quality that means the characters are drawing on a 1 by 1 scale from what size you chose that means the design will not be pixelated.

The basic price is 200€ (euros) for a custom design with 2 characters. The price per character will decrease from 3 characters on. So 3-4 characters we are at 85€/character and 5-6 characters 75€/character. This are basic prices for you can have an idea but in the end i do every time a small discount on the final price so don't hesitate to ask your personal quote.


VERY IMPORTANT the art print is included in the price but not the shipping fees. This fees depends where you leave.

STEP 1 / The process is very simple, first i will sketch a quick draft without details just for explaining my idea about the layout and the actionsSTEP 2 / From the moment on we agree about a draft you like i will start the final outlines. This step allows us to have a better view of the layout. STEP 3 / After a confirmation I will start the coloring shadings and effects. 

You will get regularly screenshots of the process of the work so that if somethings is wrong you can tell during the work. That means you don’t need to wait from the sketch draft till the end to have a result. I like if the costumer have a real overview.



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